TERRA MORETTI / vinitaly stand 2019
in collaboration with Clementina Coscera and Dario Bruno

Gouache Milan

Terra Moretti is a successful Italian holding that some of the most prestigious wine enterprises refer to: Bellavista, Contadi Castaldi, Sella & Mosca, Terruzzi and Acquagiusta. For this company we conceived and mounted a stand at Verona’s Vinitaly 2018.

We projected and set up the stand with multiple areas where the Terra Moretti’s brands could share the space and create a harmonious whole. We did this by furnishing in detail every corner of the welcoming area. Guests from the company would perceive the continuity across the areas of the stand thanks to an imaginary and creative theme that honours the identity of Terra Moretti and the other brands presented.

Interior wall art

For every meeting room we selected a colour, a unique object of the heart and a flower arrangement that could evoke the area’s hosted brand.

Gouache Alice and Carlotta

The shared spaces were personalised with a pattern presenting a drawing that we had created and printed with the shapes of see-through bottles: using elegant tones of grey for areas that were open to the public and burgundy tones for the “masterclass”. The external visual effect of the structure was all painted by hand.

Alice Wall Decoration
Carlotta Wall Decoration
Wall Art
Alice and Carlotta Wall Decoration
Alice Guazzo
Wall decoration
Alice and Carlotta Wall Decoration
Carlotta Panzeri
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